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Toca 3170 Elite Pro Wood Bongos Black

Toca 3170 Elite Pro Wood Bongos Black

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7” & 8-1/2” Heads


Toca is committed to being green and environmentally-friendly. The wood we use is harvested from a plantation in Thailand, where our drums are then lathed and handcrafted by local musicians. This carefully managed resource is much easier on the environment than wood taken from primary forests.


  • Ideal for today’s talented up-and-comers, these drums offer everything a rising artist needs. Their best feature? You won’t have to work three jobs to buy a set.
  • Durable high luster chrome hardware
  • Two-ply Asian Oak shells
  • EasyPlay Hoop equipped with top grade Bison head
  • Plated chrome hardware
  • Crimson maple finish
  • 8 tuning lugs
  • 7” & 8-1/2”” heads
  • Matching congas available
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