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Suzuki Tremolo Harmonica SU 21SP N C

Suzuki Tremolo Harmonica SU 21SP N C

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Long seller tremolo harmonica is renewed.
This is the renewal model of long seller Suzuki tremolo harmonica for entry.Harmonica design and easy-to-perform are remained, and semi-hard case is adapted. Cost performance between price and quality is arrtactive for users.

  • Range 21-hole
  • Material Stainless cover, ABS body
  • Keys Major 6keys(G,G#,A,A#,C,C#)
  • Minor 2keys(Gm, Am)
  • Dimension 164x30x22mm
  • Weight 121g
  • Accessory semi-hard case
  • Remark with position mark
  • Assembled in China.(*Reed is made in Japan.)
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