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Suzuki Olive C 20 Harmonica

Suzuki Olive C 20 Harmonica

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Hybrid body inheriting tradition “Resin body with natural wood fiber”
A vivid green cover is a trademark of Olive. Tuned to equal temperament, specialized in pops and jazz music. Adopting natural wood fiber-containing resin body, this is sister model of Suzuki 10 Holes MANJI specialized for blues.

The mainstream of harmonica body material is wood from a long time ago. The warm tones produced from wooden body still have a strong popularity even though resin and metal material were born. However, the disadvantage of absorbing moisture and deforming while playing caused by the wooden body have been plaguing many players. To solve this, Suzuki adopted a hybrid material of wood and resin "resin containing natural wood fiber" for the body. Because of the merit of resin harmonica, this is Suzuki best-selling body, more than half of the ingredients are composed of wood fibers, which not only make players enjoy traditional wooden harmonica tone, but also not bothered by deformation caused by moisture.

The more the response is good, the more the performance will be fun.

The ease of playing harmonica is greatly affected by high airtightness. The less air loss, such as the breath-to-leak that is born from the gap between the parts, the more quick response to quick phrase, the delicate tone control by bend etc become possible. Suzuki 10 Holes OLIVE also has high airtightness due to high precision parts processing and assembly. In addition, the reedplate which the mounting precision has been raised to the limit flexibly responds to various techniques, realizing a tenacity sound with a wide dynamic range. These are only possible by harmonization of advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship techniques. This is also why Suzuki continues to stick to "Made in Japan" to protect high quality and service.

Style that can be chosen. Olive is melodic, Manji is bluezee.
Modern style cover – Olive

Brilliant green cover is imaged in OLIVE concept. This color adopted a nature-friendly method that does not use plating and paint at all. It features a distinct round and warm sound with a core that sounds thick and straight from the cover opening at the back. OLIVE is tuned to equal temperament, it is compatible with pops and jazz music, and among the Suzuki 10 Holes series, it is also a sister model of the blues style model MANJI which became the best seller with a hybrid body.

Classic style cover – Manji

As OLIVE is good at pops and jazz, sister model MANJI exercise the real advantage to play blues and rocks with many bump style because of tuning that put value on "chord sound". The sound hole widely opened on the back and side of MANJI gives the player the best sound return. It is the model that realized exquisite hold feeling and sound drop out with the traditional cover shape. OLIVE is to Melodic, MANJI to bluezee. Both reeds are tuned exclusively, it can be chosen according to the play style.


  • Range 10-hole 20notes
  • Material Stainless steel cover, Solid body with natural wood fiber
  • Keys Major 14keys
  • Dimension 100x27x20mm
  • Weight 70g
  • Accessory Soft case
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