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Suzuki HP3X Digital Piano W/Stand & Bench

Suzuki HP3X Digital Piano W/Stand & Bench

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The new HP-3 X series combines a nice design with a powerful speaker system that gives a very realistic sound reproduction.  In addition, technology key to hammer , simulates a piano to feel heavy , which is really nice to play.


  • The digital HP-3X piano brings the concert hall at home with his incredible sound of piano sound and 16 samples of different instruments.
  • In addition to a total of 16 different sounds, the effects digital and 58 tracks of samples are included in the new HP-3.
  • In addition to these features, the product includes a Midi input / output and headphone equipment. It will be ideal to play with  neutral headphones that will not distort your piano sound.
  • Suzuki uses the technology of key action hammer which samples the weight of acoustic piano keys in all its digital pianos. The result is a feeling of piano sound unique with both the sound you hear and keys you touch.
  • The piano offers 58  lessons  learning  in the left hand, 16  songs  for  demonstration  and 30  styles  of accompaniment . It is ideal for all beginner pianists who want to have fun.


  • Keyboard 88 heavy touch keys
  • Crankset 3 Pedals
  • Loudspeakers 2 HP 15 Watts, equalizer
  • Dimensions 138cm / 51cm / 86cm
  • Bench Color black
  • Screen LCD
  • Sound bank 16 sounds
  • Polyphony 81 ratings
  • Sound controls Transpose, octave, split
  • Keyboard sharing Yes
  • Metronome Yes
  • Effects Chorus, DSP, reverb, sustain
  • Demos 16 pieces
  • Recording Yes
  • Headphone socket 2
  • Entries exits Aux In / out, USB MIDI, 2 headphone jacks, micro in
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