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Suzuki Harmonica Repair Tool Set HRT-10

Suzuki Harmonica Repair Tool Set HRT-10

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Harmonica Reed replacement tool

This is a tool set that can be done from removing to fitting reed. It is a tool set for the persons familiar with maintenance, such as exchanging parts and tuning.

  • Set contents (Clockwise in image)
                           Tool bag
                           Drilling tool for plate (with ruler for wide hole)
                           Ruler for narrow hole
                           Drilling tool for reed
                           Hex wrench
                           Hera × 2
                           Minus driver
                           Phillips head screw driver
                           ※Reed for replacement, screw for reed fitting are not included.
  • Measure Tool bag:210×115×45mm
  • Remark Replacement of reed for below models are possible.

                  All models of Chromatic harmonica (*except SCT-128/S-48B)
                  All models of 10-hole harmonica (*except SUB30)
                  Tremolo harmonica SU-21W/SU-21Humming/SU-13M
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