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Sela Cajon Polish Set SE 028

Sela Cajon Polish Set SE 028

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The Sela Cajon Finish Set is perfect for all unvarnished Sela Cajon Kits. It has been specially developed to protect the cajon, giving it the perfect look.

The practical dispenser bottle and the enclosed brush make the application very easy. Just pour the required quantity onto the brush and spread it. The finish is applied in 3 steps: priming, fine sanding and varnishing.

After the treatment the cajon shines in a great velvet look, which particularly highlights the high-grade wood veneer of the playing surface. It is protected from moisture, and stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The Sela Cajon Finish is especially environmentally friendly.

• Easy to use
• With special brush for perfect application
• Protects all wooden surfaces
• Results in smooth and satin look

Apply the Cajon finish in at least two layers on the wood surface. Always keep your work space clean. By performing the following steps you will receive a perfect result:

1. The Cajon kit should be sanded and all glue residues should be removed. Place the cajon on its feet. The bottom of the cajon does not necessarily need to be painted. But if you want to paint it, treat all other sides first.

2. Fill a small quantity of the Sela Cajon Finish into a flat bowl or a large cup. Use the special brush and apply a little lacquer evenly in the direction of the wood grain. The finish should not be poured directly from the bottle onto the wood because strips may arise. For priming not much paint is needed. Dose the amount so that there are no drips.

Tip: Proper use of the brush
Move the brush evenly from one edge to the other without lifting. In that way you will avoid unsightly streaks on the surface.

3. After priming wash out the brush with warm water so that it can be used for the next layer again.

4. The finish should dry now for at least 8 hours.

5. When it has properly dried, you can sand the rough surfaces with the sanding sponge from the kit or with regular sanding paper (180"-220" grit).

6. After that dust off the surfaces using a clean broom, a fine brush or a dry cloth.

7. The Cajon can now be provided with the second layer of finish. Make sure to work quickly and evenly. Do not paint more than once over one spot, if possible. Otherwise the first layer may come off again.

8. When all visible sides of the cajon are finished and dried, you can work on the bottom. Place the cajon upside down and remove the rubber feet. They should not be painted. Now repeat steps 2 through 8 on the bottom.
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