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Seydel Blues Solist Pro 12 Steel Solo C

Seydel Blues Solist Pro 12 Steel Solo C

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Serial Number : 11602C
Finally there is a harmonica with expanded tonal range, that plays as well as a ten-hole diatonic!

Tones are the same as on a chromatic harmonica - the finish is that of a diatonic 10 hole harp. This makes this instrument interesting for both Folk and as an entrance into to the "chromatic world" - now equipped with Stainless Steel reeds in holes 1 - 12.

• three full octaves are available (starting with C4)

• for the folk-musician: play meodies over three octaves

• for the chrom-beginner: tuned like a chromatic without slider

 Stainless Steel reeds from the 1847 series in hole 1 -12

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