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Hohner Harmonica Weekender C M232601

Hohner Harmonica Weekender C M232601

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The Hohner M232601 Harmonica is produces especially for beginners with various easy to play features. Hohner instruments are unique in every sense. Its quality and style is amazing. With 32 reeds and 0.9 mm brass reed plate, this mouth organ helps the player to comfortably play it. Also, it is ideal for professionals as it provides excellent response and great sound. This trumpet harmonica is made from high quality material. The plastic comb and tuning to key C-major helps to deliver precise and bright tones. The smooth and solid body provides durability to this instrument.


1. 32 Reeds
2. 0.9 mm brass reed plates
3. Tuning to Key C-Major
4. Plastic comb
5. Length: 14 cm Approx.
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